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Genova: An Ancient City of Color

( Bocadesse - Genova, Italy )

Let me tell you a little secret: This was by far, the MOST EXHAUSTING, MOST FRUSTRATING DAY OF OUR TRIP. Why? Let me show you in list form:

1.) Because silly me read our train tickets wrong and we missed it by an hour.

2.) After pleading in broken Italian with the a**hole who worked at the Venice Ferrovia train station to replace our tickets, he gave us tickets to PISA—/ not GENOVA.

3.) 4hrs train ride after, we got stranded in Pisa, and argued — again in broken Italian— for the correct tickets to GENOVA.

4.) 5 hrs later, we were so exhausted that we didn’t wake up in time to get off at the correct stop. We missed our stop by 15 mins— appx. 30 miles away from our original destination.

5.) Got off at the Wrong train station, took a cab to our hotel . The cab driver was actually very helpful and friendly so no complaints. :)

6.) Checked in our hotel: they lost our reservation.

7.) 30 mins later, THEY FOUND OUR RESERVATION, after we already got settled in a smaller room.

8.) FINALLY got settled in the Honeymoon Suite. After the exhaustion, we just completely passed out.

Yep, this day was not a cake walk at all. But the funny thing is, James and I are just laughing about it now. We didn’t realize until that day just how travel savvy we’ve become. Even though this day completely tested just how high our stress threshold could be, together, we were hardly fazed at all. We laughed all day, and completely just got lost in the conversations in the train.

After waking up from our nap, we woke up completely starving and randomly asked our concierge for the best place to eat. She got us a cab to Bocadasse, where we drank and ate away the troubles of the day. The view was so fantastic, it completely melted off our exhaustion. Plus, there was an outdoor concert right across our restaurant, which provided us with romantic Italian serenades all night long. *swoon* *swoon*

It’s not the easy times that test the strength of your bond, it’s the struggles that define your love. Alyssa Mia

See You Soon, Venice!

( Canal Grande, Ponte di Rialto, Piazza San Marco, Cannaregio -Venice, Italy)

Take one look around Venice and you’ll understand why it is so difficult to say goodbye. To say that Venice is unique  is simply not enough. Never could I have ever imagined a city floating in the middle of the Adriatic Sea to be so full of life, love and magic.  Venice is a place beyond imagination where culture and romance collide in an intoxicating mist that bewitches anyone who dares set foot in it. It is a maze of mystic and surprises, a labyrinth of masquerade and canals. I can never fully leave Venice…. Sure, the adventure must move on, but I feel like we left part of our hearts in this enchanting city, somewhere along the chocolate liqueurs and romantic serenades.