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Alyssa Mia Meets Mona Lisa

( Day 20 - 06.23.14 - The Louvre Museum )

After a little bit of rest from yesterday, we got the energy to devote a full day exploring the world’s most visited museum : The Louvre. At least, that’s what we thought until we actually entered the massive museum and saw that it had 4 enormous wings, all with at least 4 floors each! Just spinning around in the center of the entrance already made me dizzy, what with the crowd, and trying to decide where to begin. Of course, we decided to enter the Wing where the Mona Lisa is being kept so that we could avoid the bigger crowds that come in the afternoon.

On the way to the Mona Lisa, we saw the famous Venus de Milo, which wasn’t exquisite in my opinion, but still as thrilling to see due to its rich history. When we finally arrived to where the Mona Lisa was, we were welcomed by a bunch of people, all crowding and squeezing in to the center to get a brief glimpse of Da Vinci’s famous masterpiece. Now, I would never pretend to know a lot about any form of art, so what I’m about to say is strictly my opinion and not meant to offend anyone who thinks otherwise. The Mona Lisa — I’m sad to say — is frankly, OVERRATED. I don’t know how it became to be known as “the most perfect painting of a woman ever ” because it was very unimpressive to me. Maybe it is due to my untrained eye, and I probably just don’t have the acquired taste for the fine arts, but I have seen many other works of art in other museums — not to mention the numerous amounts of Museums we visited in Rome — that have left me breathless and in awe than the Mona Lisa. Never the less, I am so blessed and thankful to at least have had the chance to see it before my very eyes and check that off my bucketlist.

After taking plenty photographs, we explored the other wings of the louvre and were very surprised with just how many priceless artifacts and beautiful exhibits the famous museum have! ( I will make a separate post with some of the exhibits that stood out for us! ) even though James and I are not completely museum people, we found it very hard not to enjoy ourselves as we strolled from one wing to another. There were just so many things that are candy to the eyes; paintings and sculptures and frescoes so beautiful and intricate and conveyed so much of the artist’s vision. By the end of the day, both of our feet were shot once more, leaving us desperate for a cab to take us back to our hotel. It was definitely very rewarding to visit the Louvre, and I can see why it is the most visited museum in the world. I didn’t expect to have that much fun inside, but we were pleasantly surprised. The visit is easily one of the highlights of our visit to Paris, right below climbing the Eiffel Tower. And if you ever find yourself in Paris, make sure to devote a full day at the Louvre. It is impossible to experience the whole place in less than 4 hours at least, and that is if you only skim by everything.. But where’s the fun in that?

Tous les jours, je vis mon rêve.

Alyssa Mia

Exploring Paris

( Day 19 - 06.22.14 - Champs Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Place des Victoires, Grand Palais, Place de la Concorde, Concorde Fontaine, Seine River )

One of our favorite things to do when James and I are in a new city is to take those Double Decker buses that tour you all around the city. It is just a great and convenient way to get acquainted with the direction of where everything is, plus, we got to see all the famous landmarks without the hassle of taking other forms of public transportation. So we bought a day pass for the Hop-on Hop-off L’Open Tour bus and got some rest all while exploring the majority of Paris. It was so relaxing, we even brought our portable speakers with us so we were able to see all these beautiful sites while French Music played in the background. It was very romantic, if not for the constant honking of traffic — French people are very horn crazy when they drive, I’ve noticed.

Paris is so beautiful, I am so glad we were able to explore the different facets of it! Even though my French is not as good as my Italian, it was still a delight to be able to immerse ourselves in The culture and the sights. And if ever you find yourself in the City of Lights, I highly recommend taking the Bus Tours. It was so much fun and perfect for a day when you’re just top tired to do anything bit still want to bask in all of Paris’ glory!

C’est La Vie,

Alyssa Mia

P.S. You can see from the description above the names of these landmarks in order.

Anonymous asked: Your page is amazing! Do you travel for work, school, or just for fun?

Thank you dear Anon! Me and James travel just because we love it! We figured that instead of spending all of our wedding money on a ginormous wedding, we’ll just have a simple ceremony with close friends and family and use the rest to have a Grand Adventure/ Honeymoon ! Hope you keep following! Xx

Sweets, Oui!

( Day 19 - 06.22.14 - La Duree, Paris )

What visit to Paris would be complete without indulging yourself with Macarons from La Duree? Considering just how much I love Macarons, and pastries of all kinds, I would have never forgiven myself if I didn’t get a taste of their world-famous sweets. I must even admit that when we first planned on going to Paris, I didn’t think of the Eiffel Tower first. No.. My first thought was La Duree and how I can finally get the chance to see for myself if all the hype was true.

And so, for our third day in Paris, we searched along Champs Élysées for the store and were willing to brave the line for hours if needed. But when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised; yes, the store was packed, but not so much that we had to wait for more than 20 mins. As I walked in, I recalled seeing La Duree’s advertisement with a little girl swooning over everything around her. All of a sudden, I was that little girl! Every direction I looked, there was a delectable dessert waiting for me to be devoured. It was like Disneyland ; except you don’t wait for the rides— you wait so you can get a taste of their sumptuous pastries! I think you could see in the photos just how excited I was! I was grinning from ear to ear as we ordered a box of 30 for me and James, and a couple more boxes to be sent home for my sisters and friends. But finally! I got to try each of their flavors and I was not disappointed! When I first bit into it, the outer crust was delicate and fluffy with a wafer-like texture (unlike the cake-like textures of the Macarons I have tried before), with subtle hints of flavor. But when my tastebuds reached the creamy ganache, that was when I tasted all of the earthy tones of the ingredients! I am no pastry expert, but I can see why people talk so much about La Duree Macarons. They were divine! Surprisingly, my favorite flavor was actually Rose Water and the Glazed Strawberry Marshmallows followed by the Chocolate. I was expecting hazelnut to be both at the top of both James’ and my list, but the flavor was too subtle.

But yes, as simple as the trip to the store was, I came out with my sweet tooth fully satisfied! We might have to return to another La Duree branch as our trip progresses, because I honestly don’t know how I can ever eat any other macaron ever again! Well.. with the only exception for Pierre Herme’s Macarons.

Come with me and you’ll be In a world of pure imagination,

Alyssa Mia

P.S. Yes! I finally made it to my Day 19 Post! I’m currently in a beautiful Italian Island ( guess which one? ) and as breathtaking as it is.. the internet technology is on the ancient side, so it is taking forever to catch up!

Night Fireworks Show at Versailles

Up to now I still cannot believe that James and I we’re blessed enough to be able to see such a spectacle in such a regal place. Whenever I relieve the memory, I can’t help but see all the vivid colors that danced before my very eyes. I can only share with you a glimpse of it through video, because no matter how hard I try, no form of media does its beauty any justice. It was majestic and wonderful and beautiful beyond comparison to any other fireworks show I have ever witnessed ( that could be a good thing or a bad thing ) but maybe, its because of the location of the show. It was already a treat to simply visit the Versailles Palace and Garden but to be able to catch a glimpse of it at sunset through night… no words, no photographs, no videos can ever compare. I am so happy we chose to go the Versailles that day.. any other day and we would have been out of luck, only seeing what any other tourist could see without even any clue of what we would have been missing.

I hope you enjoy the Video! James and I sat in the middle of the stairs for 2 hours so that we could keep the best spot for the show. Worth it? You be the judge. :)

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