I Exist in Two Places: Here and Where You Are

The French-Mediterranean Lifestyle

(Antibes, Cote d’Azure - France )

I could get used to this. Waking up with nothing planned but sailing across the Mediterranean Sea, drink French wine and watch as my skin goldens and my hair lightens. While the vibe is much different than that of a tropical getaway, it’s pretty easy to see why so many people pick the French Riviera as their dream destination. The temptation of yachting it up is all-too-alluring, James and I couldn’t help but to charter one! 

It was such a rewarding experience, just to be able to go around and explore the coast of Antibes. Countless of boats sailed all around us, basking in all of Mediterranean beauty, much like us. One in a while, we would anchor and stop by a private beach bar/ lounge to rest and swim, giving relief to our slightly-seasick bellies (especially whenever we got hungry.)  

Even up to now, I still cannot believe just how warm and blue the waters are, Originally, I had very low expectations as to how much I would enjoy this part of our trip, considering that I really wanted to go to a warmer part of the continent so we could go diving and see colorful fishes. But what the Cote d’Azur lacked in beautiful tropical fishes, they more than compensated for with their astoundingly gorgeous reefs of sliver corals and forests of seaweed. Only in here did I feel like we could get the best of ALL worlds: immersing ourselves in the romantic ambiance of  the quaint cobble-stoned streets, spoiling ourselves in the small luxuries of being in such a glamorous destination, and still be able to partake in my most favorite activity of all: diving in the ocean. 

I guess never realized it, but the people of Southern France really has it all figured out. Just don’t forget the Champagne.

Alyssa Mia

Ending a magical day, with a magical night. #antibes #frenchwine #cotedazure #frenchriviera #europe #eurotrip2014 #france #french  (at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc)

Ending a magical day, with a magical night. #antibes #frenchwine #cotedazure #frenchriviera #europe #eurotrip2014 #france #french (at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc)

Watching a Mediterranean sunrise from our room: #Priceless 🌅 | ALYSSAMIA.COM
#cotedazure #france #frenchriviera #europe #eurotrip2014 #wanderlust #travel #explore #villefranchesurmer

Welcome to the French Riviera!

( Villefranche Sur Mer- Nice, France)

It feels like just yesterday when we were still in Genova.. Oh, wait. It was! The thrill of traveling is relentless in my heart. I get such a rush knowing that I was in an entire different country just a couple hours ago, and now, James and I were somehow magically transported to the South of France!

I have been looking forward to this leg of our trip since about a year ago. Believe it or not, this entire Euro Trip began as a tiny seedling of an idea when James and I had a conversation with some old friends, and somehow, the idea kind of just evolved into its own, and… Voila! Instead of just staying in the French Riviera, the trip became a trip of a lifetime, as we explore country after country. 

I guess the biggest surprise for me and James was how friendly the people are here. I guess nice people live in Nice, France (see what I did there?).  Compared to Paris, the people are just so much more welcoming, more relaxed, more carefree. It almost reminded me of the Italian culture, where love and food and music is the sole center of life. It was shocking, feeling so at home in an area of France when James and I pretty much established that Italy was more of our home base. I can’t believe how serene the atmosphere is, and just how much I prefer this environment over the pretentious  ostentatious Parisian lifestyle. I am so glade we still kept our original plans and visited the beautiful Cote d’Azur. And to think that we were gonna scratch from out itinerary; this entire trip just wouldn’t have been the same.

l était probablement rien, mais c’était comme si le monde,

Alyssa Mia

"You used to tell me sky’s the limit, Now the sky’s our point of view. " 🚁🌅 | ALYSSAMIA.COM
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🚁🚁🚁 Flying over the French Riviera. Surreal . 🚁🚁🚁 | ALYSSAMIA.COM
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